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Mp3 juice

Music has been implanted in our daily life, since the evolution of time. It is an integral part of our life and there is no substitute of it till now. It has capability to draw more motivative force than spoken or written words. Whether you are running across street,parks or working on a assignment, listening to music can make our tasks easier to complete with fun.

Today i am going introduce you all with Mp3 juice app for online streaming of mp3 songs as well as you can download youtube and others sources video songs in mp3 format directly into your computer within few seconds. For overall understanding of this app. You have to read this post from scratch to down. So lets begin.

Mp3 juice is application that you can install in your mobile phone. It is very compact in size. It solves many problem like now a days every smartphone user is having a common problem as running out of storage space. So it is very difficult to store wide range of songs in storage space given in mobile phone. By using this app you dont need to store songs on your phone rather than this you can listen them directly online. The necessary condition is that you must have active internet connection.

Mp3 juice Features:

Compact Size.

Search direct by artist name or song.

Consume less data in comparison to other applications

Direct download youtube videos songs in mp3 format

Mp3 cutter enables you to cut undesired track or noise contained sound track.

How to Download Mp3 juice App:

If you are ready to use this app first of all you have to download it from GOOGLE Play Store.

Go to Google Play store

Search for Mp3 juice

Choose App to install

Allow permissions

Wait for sometime until app is getting ready for use

How to Listen music:

  • Open Mp3 juice app
  • Type artist or song name in the space provided and Press Enter
  • Now you would see a list of songs over there
  • Choose one of them to PLAY or Donwload in your Mobile Phone.

How Mp3 juice is working:

It is based on fetching of data from the server to your phone's main mermory (i.e.RAM). When you want to play a song in your smartphone it takes data and simultaneously play music. So when you change song then it remove all the previous songs data. It means for playing a song a little bit of memory of your phone is going to consume every time.

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